About Me

*stands up and waves* Hi,my name is Dana and I am a book addict.

My interests are Reading. Captain obvious over here. I used to write a lot and I really need to get back into it. I also love cycling, it is the only type of exercise that I can submit to, unless you count hefting around massive tomes all day as exercise. I also enjoy board games and am a former wow addict.

90% of the books I review are Advance Reader Copies.

I love YA Paranormal. I enjoy books with characters that are in my age range, although I am open to protagonist of any age. I am 25 and still love teenage books lol, I think I am still in an adequate age range, but I fear I may still be reading YA even when I am in my 40s. I love paranormal because Harry Potter gave me a thirst for magic that I am always trying to quench.I also LOVE Dystopian. I am obsessed with Dystopian novels of any kind.

I am the only person in my family that loves to read (tragic I know) which is why I have sought solace on book sites like these. I am also a movie buff which is fun and all but the downside is that I usually spend more time picking out a movie than the length of the movie I eventually deem worthy of watching. That’s all I can think of for now. Happy reading!

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