The Devil You Know by K.J. Parker

k.jGoodreads Blurb: The greatest philosopher of all time is offering to sell his soul to the Devil. All he wants is twenty more years to complete his life’s work. After that, he really doesn’t care.

But the assistant demon assigned to the case has his suspicions, because the philosopher is Saloninus–the greatest philosopher, yes, but also the greatest liar, trickster and cheat the world has yet known; the sort of man even the Father of Lies can’t trust.

He’s almost certainly up to something; but what?

My Musings: The Devil you know is an intriguing novella about a clever man and his attempt at the scam of a lifetime. How to trick the ultimate trickster. I enjoyed how the world was set up, the idea of a manservant demon as part of your contract with the devil was pretty interesting.

There was also some pretty funny one liners in the book as well. Part of the twist at the end was a little predictable, but for the most part a lot of thought was put into the story. 3.5/5

Buy, Borrow or Bin Verdict:Borrow

Note: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.





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