Gone Wild by Jodi Lundgren

gone wildGoodreads Blurb: Bullied in foster care and then by his adoptive mother’s boyfriend, Seth decides to head out on his own. Brooke thinks she might be pregnant and, instead of facing her controlling mother, she runs. The strangers meet in a wilderness park on Vancouver Island, where basic survival is a challenge. As they work together to find food, water, and shelter, they find the strength to take control of their own lives.

My Musings: This is a hard book to rate, on the one hand I think that it had a positive message and that a lot of teens can relate to the situations that the main characters are in. On the other hand I feel that a couple moments took a turn for the dramatic that ended up taking me out of the moment due to the strained believability.

I didn’t really care for Seth, I felt that he was too immature for my liking. I think that if the author had made him younger he would have been able to stay more of a sympathetic character. I did like Brooke, she was a kind and thoughtful character and much easier to relate to. I would have liked more of a conclusion for her story but overall I didn’t mind how the book ended. At the very least, this short story will hopefully highlight the importance of being honest with those close to you. 2.5.5

Buy, Borrow or Bin Verdict: Borrow

Note: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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