Molasses YA | The Walled City by Ryan Graudin

thewalledcityGoodreads Blurb: 730. That’s how many days I’ve been trapped.
18. That’s how many days I have left to find a way out.

DAI, trying to escape a haunting past, traffics drugs for the most ruthless kingpin in the Walled City. But in order to find the key to his freedom, he needs help from someone with the power to be invisible….

JIN hides under the radar, afraid the wild street gangs will discover her biggest secret: Jin passes as a boy to stay safe. Still, every chance she gets, she searches for her lost sister….

MEI YEE has been trapped in a brothel for the past two years, dreaming of getting out while watching the girls who try fail one by one. She’s about to give up, when one day she sees an unexpected face at her window…..

In this innovative and adrenaline-fueled novel, they all come together in a desperate attempt to escape a lawless labyrinth before the clock runs out.


My Musings: I finally finished this damn book! I’m so proud of myself! *goes to get cupcake*. This book took me ages to finish and I put it down multiple times. The setting of the book is fascinating and based off of a real place which is really cool, but the pace was so slow

Jin was a really cool character, she was super bad ass and it was heartbreaking to see just how much she was willing to sacrifice for the people she cared about. Mei Yee was an okay character, of course I felt terrible for the situation she was in, but she read very flat for me. Last but not least is Dai, the mysterious vagrant with a dramatic past. He was an interesting personality, but I must admit to some feelings of ickyness regarding his romance in the book.

I am a bit of an odd man out with my review of this book. My main issue with this book was that it felt twice as long as it needed to be. It got to the point where I was actually impressed with how dramatically the author dragged out the story. Where did she find the words?

Overall, very cool setting, decent characters, but way too slow pace. I can’t really recommend this book, even with the passable plot. 2/5

Buy, Borrow or Bin Verdict: Bin

Note: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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